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Thank you Jillian for helping me complete and submit my LMIA application. With all of the new rules and strict advertising requirements, the whole process is extremely stressful. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are extremely knowledgeable, sweet, efficient, and I would definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family. I am so glad I chose your agency. Thanks a million for everything.

Jessica F from Thornhill

We enlisted the services of Uptown Caregivers to assist with finding and selecting a suitable nanny for our family.  We were apprehensive about the entire process of searching for a nanny and navigating through all of the government paperwork required to sponsor a nanny.  Uptown Caregivers took the lead on the entire process and took the stress out of the experience. We worked closely with Jillian, who helped find us a fantastic candidate quickly and held our hand through all of the administrative aspect of the process.  We are really thankful to Jillian and the staff at Uptown Caregivers for all their assistance on this journey and most of all, for helping us find a nanny that we are very happy with.

Shane, Toronto

We contacted Uptown in a desperate situation of needing a new nanny. Jillian and Stephanie were on it right away, they provided fantastic service in our time of need, responding to our calls and emails right ‎away and finding a suitable candidate within 24 hours who met all our requirements.  The agency did all the proper legwork and reference checks (which they sent to us) so we could totally rely on their work and on our new nanny’s credentials. Overall a tremendous and hassle-free experience.

Carey, Toronto

I contacted Uptown to help me complete the LMIA paperwork after I hired my new nanny. From start to finish, the process was extremely easy and seamless! They did all of the ad postings, and even hand delivered the paperwork to my house, fully completed, for me to sign. There were even sticky notes highlighting the exact places for me to sign!! The process was super easy and caused me zero stress. I felt 100% confident that with them completing my paperwork, my LMIA would be approved, and I was right!! I received an approval in the mail only 2 weeks after submitting! I would not hesitate to recommend Uptown’s service to anyone looking to hire a nanny or complete the LMIA paperwork

Shira from Toronto, Ontario

Uptown was great to work with. I felt like I was a friend rather than a client. Plus, it was very reassuring to get advice from someone who has seen the process before. Paperwork like this takes me so long to complete on my own, and one mistake can result in a rejection. She charged less than the other agencies I looked at, and was very fast replying to my many questions. She prepared me for the process well, and helped me to track down any personal information I was missing. I have since recommended her to friends who are interested in getting a foreign nanny but are intimidated by the LMIA process.

Amie from Kamloops, BC

My nanny had to go back to the Philippines suddenly and I was in desperate need of a new nanny. A friend of mine referred Uptown Caregivers to me and I contacted them right away. They were so amazing to deal with and made my stress go away immediately. They set up interviews for me right away and I was able to hire my new nanny within three days. Uptown is a very professional company and they provided me with lots of information. Also, they were incredibly responsive to my emails and texts and answered any questions that I had (even in the evenings and on weekends!) I highly recommend this agency for all your nanny needs!

Anica from Mississauga, Ontario

I just completed my first application and can’t say enough wonderful things about working with this agency. They made the process easy, stress free and very easy to navigate. Uptown was always available to answer my questions and also responded to me quickly and with the information I needed. The agent was supportive, positive and made this process extremely easy especially while I was working full time with two kids. I can’t say enough wonderful things especially since we were elated to find out all of her hard work paid off as we got a positive response from our application!

E., from Toronto, Ontario

The team at Uptown is amazing! They made the process easy and took care of all my needs. Our new nanny is great. The kids love her and she’s become a part of our family. I have nothing but great things to say about the Uptown Caregiver team.

David C., Woodbridge, Ontario

Dear Uptown,
I just wanted to express our appreciation for the wonderful service you provided us. We used your company to find a caregiver for our mother. Mary Ann is excellent and I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Esther L. from Thornhill

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