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July Testimonials

Uptown Caregivers definitely lives up to all of the hype that I had been hearing buzzing around my circle of friends. After interviewing several completely off candidates from a Facebook group, I grew frustrated and called Jillian and Stephanie. They have access to modern day Mary Poppins’! They instantaneously found me the part-time nanny of my dreams, vetted her through all of the filters practically overnight, and had arranged for an interview within a few days. They have access and relationships to the top talent in Toronto, and perfectly matched us with a nanny based on both parties needs/wants. Aside from checking all of the boxes when working with an agency in terms of insurance needs, networking, speed etc, what I LOVED about these girls is that they are truly taking a modern day spin on an industry that has been around for some time. I loved that they communicated via text and digital communications, 24 hours, 7 days a week, total around the clock attention. They are around and available at ANY time to make the process completely smooth and wonderfully flawless for you. To me, this aspect puts them in the true ‘above and beyond’ category especially for a overworked mom who was stressed to find some help asap. They answered all of my questions before I even thought of them and truly made me feel completely at ease and quite honestly delivered VIP status of childcare! I am beyond thrilled that I as able to work with Jillian and Stephanie

– Erin, Richmond Hill


We contacted Uptown in a desperate situation of needing a new nanny. Jillian and Stephanie were on it right away, they provided fantastic service in our time of need, responding to our calls and emails right ‎away and finding a suitable candidate within 24 hours who met all our requirements.  The agency did all the proper legwork and reference checks (which they sent to us) so we could totally rely on their work and on our new nanny’s credentials. Overall a tremendous and hassle-free experience.

-Carey, Toronto


Thank you thank you thank you. Uptown Caregivers has come to the rescue once again! My husband surprised me with concert tickets the same day that my nanny called in sick. I was devastated. I then remembered about Uptown Caregivers awesome on-call babysitting services and decided to give them a call. Boy was I happy I called them! Not only did they send me a babysitter two hours later, but she was fantastic! My kids had the best time with Aileen. I will definitely be using Uptown Caregivers Placement Agency in the future.

-Jodi, Toronto


My friend referred me to Uptown Caregivers because she had such a wonderful experience- she was right. The girls who run this agency are professional, sweet and extremely knowledgeable. I also found that they were very responsive and would answer my calls, texts and emails within minutes. I have referred Uptown Caregivers to a bunch of my friends. This is definitely the best agency out there. Call them. You wont be sorry!

-Laurel, Etobicoke




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