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10 Signs You Have A Great Nanny

Hiring a nanny can be stressful and scary. How do you know you made the right choice? What should you be looking for in a nanny?

Here are 10 signs you made the right decision.

1) References are a must. When hiring a nanny it is imperative that you check their references. Some nannies will apply for a job with reference letters from their previous employers and some will be happy to provide you with phone numbers. It’s always best to call their past employers and have a discussion with them. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to make sure you are making the best choice for your family. If a nanny does not have references to give you, don’t hire her.

2) Punctuality is imperative for any nanny. It is important that she arrives on time ready to work. It shows that she is responsible and committed to her job.

3) A great nanny is respectful of the family’s privacy and is sensitive to any personal issues that may arise. This is particularly important when you have a live in nanny who hears and sees everything that happens in your house. Live in nannies often become a part of the family so you need to make sure that your nanny is respectful when it comes to your privacy. A good nanny is one that knows to keep her professionalism no matter what the situation around her is. A great nanny sees herself as a professional, takes pride in what she does, and that shows in her everyday disposition. The confidentiality of your family affairs should be of utmost importance.

4) Patience is so important when working with children. A good nanny is always patient. They understand that children need to feel at ease while their parents are at work. A patient and kind nanny will always consider the child’s feelings before their own, especially in times the child may be upset about something, no matter how small the issue is.

5)  When your nanny enters your house each morning and your children run to the door with excitement, you know you have a great nanny on your hands.

6) When there are children around, things don’t always go according to plan. Having a bag of tricks and being able to come up with a fun game or activity for the children on the spot is a sign of a great nanny. Some nannies are great at arts and crafts while others can come up with science experiments using things in the kitchen. Being creative will get you very far with kids and will allow them to explore and learn in a multitude of ways.

7) A great nanny is a fantastic multitasker. Being a nanny is hard work. She is responsible for the children as well as running the household, which can be very difficult at times. If your nanny is able to entertain your kids, clean your house and get dinner on the table each day then you are very lucky. This is definitely not easy. Writing things down and leaving lists for your nanny can help her get things done.

8) Having open communication between you and your nanny is extremely important. If she is able to come talk to you, ask you a question or give you feedback without being afraid then you have a good thing going on. Be thankful for that.

9) Before hiring your nanny, make sure she has experience working with children. The more experience she has, the better. Look for a nanny that has worked with her employers for many years rather than the ones that have jumped from job to job.

10) A sign of a good nanny is that she is in tune with healthy habits. She knows the importance of preparing healthy meals for your children filled with nutrients and vitamins as opposed to junk food. She teaches good hygiene and knows how important physical activity is.




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